Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity [Kindle Edition]

“The creativity gap is real and it’s getting worse. Josh Linkner challenges you to become a disruptive force for change, and I hope you will.”—Seth Godin, author, Linchpin and Purple Cow“Josh Linkner is a tremendous business leader who has established a successful and sustainable company, as well as a culture that nurtures employees to help them maximize their potential.”—Hon. Jennifer M. Granholm, Governor, State of Michigan“At Zappos, one of our core values is to be adventurous, creative, and open-minded. Disciplined Dreaming can help spark your creative potential.”—Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com and author, Delivering Happiness“The world has changed dramatically, and we have now entered a new era of creativity.  Disciplined Dreaming is a roadmap to new ideas, and helps business leaders at all levels unleash their creativity in order to reach their full potential. This important and thoughtful book is a must-read to compete in the next era of business, and life.”—Charlene Li, founder, Altimiter Group and author, Groundswell and Open Leadership“Creativity fuels the growth engine that drives results. Disciplined Dreaming gives us a practical and inspirational roadmap to move us from incremental improvements to radical breakthroughs. Josh Linkner has successfully built some of the most creative companies in the world and shows us the way.”—Jeff DeGraff, professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and author, Leading Innovation and Creativity at Work“Innovation in the workplace is what allows organizations to excel and exceed customer expectations. In this must-read book, Josh provides concrete ways to increase creativity within any business so it can grow and succeed in today’s v...

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