How do I join boxedup?

Just click through to the boxedup join now page and take a minute to complete your details.

What tools do you have to make it easier to add things to my list?

You can install the "add to boxedup" product grabber, a bookmark which you can add to your favourites toolbar of your browser by simply dragging into the bookmarks section.

This product grabber allows you to add items to your boxedup lists from any site on the web.

How do I add a new item to one of my lists?

You can add a new item to your list while you're browsing any site using the product grabber see above), or you can add an item when you're anywhere on boxedup by clicking the "Add new product" link in the My boxedup dropdown (you'll be asked to paste in the URL of the page that contains the thing that you want to add to your list).

How do I edit something on my list?

Under each item on your list you'll see a series of links, one of which is 'Edit'. Click Edit and a form will open containing all the details relating to that item. Just make the changes that you want to make, and then hit 'Save'. This is also where you can upload/update a product image.

How do I delete something from my list?

Under each item on your list you'll see a series of links, one of which is 'Delete'. Click delete and the item will be removed from your list.

How do I create a new list?

You can create a new list by clicking 'Create list' in the My boxedup dropdown or My Lists dropdown.

How do I delete an existing list?

If you want to delete a list entirely then go to the relevant list page and click 'Delete list' under the list name. The only lists that you can't delete are the default 'Things I want' and 'Things I have' lists.

How can I sort my lists?

At the top (right) of each list is a dropdown which allows you to sort your list by order added, price or alphabetically. The default setting is by order added (most recent first)

Can I view more than 10 products per page?

You can view up to 50 products on each page. At the top of each list you can see a view selection (10 | 20 | 50) Clicking these will allow you to view 10, 20 or 50 products per page.

How can I reorder my lists?

If you want to change the order of your list items you can just drag and drop them into a new order. To do this just click on the bottom right of each list item (where it says 'drag to reorder') and move the item up or down. If you have lots of list items you can load more items per page and the reorder your entire list, easy!

If this function does not work for you, please make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser.

What are 'tags'?

Once you've found something that you want to add to your list then as well as giving the item a name (i.e. iPhone), you can then add tags, which just help you to sort and manage all the things that you've added to your list. So if you had added an iPhone to your list you might also tag it as Apple, mobile, gadget, or however else you want to categorise it. When you're looking at your entire list you'll be able to see the list of tags that you've used to categorise all the things on your list. You can quickly see the items relating to each tag by just click on it. You'll see all items that have been tagged with that description. Wow! And we thought tags were simple to explain!

How do I add friends to my boxedup?

There are 2 ways of doing this (remember you need to be logged in to actually add a friend).

  1. Type in the name or email address of a friend in the top right search box. Click 'People' in the dropdown then hit enter or click on the magnifying glass. If they have a boxedup account you can either send them a friend request via the 'Add to my friends' link or click on their profile from the results. On their profile you can view their lists and also click on the 'Add to my friends' link under their profile picture on the right hand side. They'll then be sent an email and can confirm that they want to become boxedup friends with you.
  2. If you want to add a friend (or friends) to your list who hasn't already joined boxedup then you can send them an invite. Go to your profile page and you'll see a box called 'Invite friends' on the right-hand side. Just add your friend's email address and hit 'invite' and they'll be sent an email saying that you've asked them to join boxedup. Once the invites have been sent you'll see the status of all current invites on your 'Friends' tab.
How do I delete a friend?

Has it really got that bad?

If there's really no scope to hug and make up then go into your 'Friends' tab and you'll see a list of all your current friends. To delete one of your friends just click the 'Remove' link under their name.

You might feel an empty void after doing this, so as a bit of therapy go and find something nice to add to your list.

How do I move an item to another of my lists?

Under each item on your list you'll see a series of links, one of which is 'Move'. Click this link and a box will appear containing a drop-down with all your lists in. Just pick the list that you want to move the item to and hit the 'Move Product' button.

What are reserved items?

A reserved item is something that's have been reserved on a list by somebody who's going to buy it for the user. This is a great way to make sure people don't buy the same things, for example on a wedding list.

How do I reserve something for somebody?

You need to be friends with somebody (and logged on) to be able to reserve an item on their list.

Go to the list of a friend and find what you want to get them. Under that item you'll find a link saying 'Reserve'. Click that link and the item will be reserved. Now go and buy the gift for them via the 'View Now' or 'Shop now' button.

Can my I or my friend see that I have reserved something for them?

It depends on their account settings. Each user can decide whether they can see when products are reserved for them or if they want it to be a surprise.

If you tick the 'I like surprises!' box on your settings page (the default setting) – you won't be able to see what has been reserved for you.

How do I manage reservations once I've gifted the item?

On your profile page there is a 'Reserved items' tab that appears once you've reserved an item for someone else. Only you can see your reserved list.

You can un-reserve an item at any time by just clicking on the 'un-reserve' link under the item.

Once you've bought and given over the present you can click on 'I've given this to' and the item will then disappear from your reserved list.

Which browsers are supported? is tested on all modern browsers and has compatibility with some older browsers too. If the site is not displaying properly, please update your browser to the latest version available and the site will display correctly. We support IE8 and onwards, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera among others.

Some features which make our interface more user friendly use Javascript too, so to make the most of the site we advice all users to enable Javascript in their browser (usually on by default unless you have changed settings)

The boxedup shop search is a live feed of product information from a large number of retailers which you can search from the search bar. Also on product pages, we match similar product to give you suggestions an price comparisons. At the moment the shop search is in beta phase which means that it is still being developed and adjusted to give you the best results possible.

We use the location in your settings to only show results for your currency, so if you are getting the wrong currency, please change the region in your settings page.

What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers publish their content as an RSS Feed so people can get up to date information from a site without having to visit it.

How can I use the RSS feeds?

Boxedup provides RSS feeds for all public and activity streams (not private or friends-only lists). You can access the RSS feed for any list or activity stream by clicking on its RSS logo RSS logo

Typical uses might be adding your network activity to an RSS reader or widget so you can keep up to date with all the latest changes that your friends have made. Or if your partners birthday is coming up, you could add their RSS feed to your reader so you can see everything they have added almost immediately, brilliant.

To see how it works add our example RSS feed to your Google homepage by clicking here Add to Google

What is the best price functionality?

We take a snapshot of the product price when a user adds it to their list. We can then match the same products (where available) found from different stores to help you find the best price.

As the products and prices are added by users we have no control of how recent or accurate these prices are.

As all content is user generated links may have been added a long time ago. This means products may no longer be for sale or could have moved location on the stores website e.g. Amazon. If this is the case either search on their website or search on boxedup for similar products.

How can I contact boxedup?

You can contact us via email at Alternatively you can contact us on facebook or suggest an improvement on our uservoice feedback page.