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  1. Mark Hamill Star Wars Luke Skywalker Brown Jacket

    Mark Hamill Star Wars Luke Skywalker ...

    Mark Hamill Star Wars Luke Skywalker Brown Jacket added by jonejenkinss to Things I Want

  2. Stainless Steel 317L Fasteners Sellers

    Stainless Steel 317L Fasteners Sellers

    omtubes1 now owns Stainless Steel 317L Fasteners Sellers

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    • Helvetica Coffee Mug
    • ZX Spectrum Tshirt
    • Magimix M190 11300 Citiz and Milk Nespresso Coffee Machine Black
    • Ghostbusters / Men's / Drip Logo (Play.com Exclusive) (Black
    • Winter Tree & Birds decal for Apple MacBook Pro Air by StickerLife
    • Vintage Inspired Needle Felted Blue Owl Ball WOOLY by asherjasper

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boxedup Shop Search

We will be adding a new shopping section to boxedup which allows you to search for the latest products and prices right here inside boxedup. It also shows suggestions and price comparisons on product pages, so if something you have added is now available at a better price or from other sellers, you can see it immediately.

This release is still in beta phase as we test it and get your feedback. We will improving the products and the functionality in the future, but in the meantime, happy shopping!

boxedup Mac Dashboard Widget


We have released a new Mac Dashboard widget this week with which you can see constantly refreshed information from boxedup's lists and activity feeds. We are using ours at the moment to follow our "Friends Activity" which shows us anything added or moved from any of our friends accounts - perfect at this time of year!

If you don't have a Mac you can use the available feeds in any RSS reader - more on that here.

More Updates – RSS Feeds And Tags


RSS Feeds - You can now get RSS feed for every public list and also activity streams so it's really easy to

Watch your friends lists and see updates of what they add
Watch your network activity to see updates of everything all your friends add
Watch your own lists so you can access them easily